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Happy Jawbone Family Band - Tastes The Broom (2013)

MessagePosté: 27 Avr 2016, 23:43
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Happy Jawbone Family Band - Tastes The Broom (2013) >

HJFB live in this in-between space, where they could be pouring their hearts out, or maybe they're just fucking with you. Their songs could be played in a theater with full string and horn sections, or they could just play them at somebody's house party. hotel double tragedy [2010] 4. But who cares? When the songs are this fun, context is overrated. Happy Jawbone's disturbed take on whimsy and rebellious, youthful spirit recalls lo-fi stables, Elephant 6 and K Records: The alien-sounding "Martian Santa" comes from a Christmas album they released in 2011, and brings to mind the way the Music Tapes treat holiday tunes; the record's final song, the six-minute "Don't Tread on the Museums of Your Youth", reads like a poetic distillation of all this band's complex ways of dealing with nostalgia and childhood. family matters [2009] 3. It's got brevity and enthusiastically belted melodies that could reasonably cross over on the radio. It's tempting to lump this record in with other famous indie rock outfits, what with its elaborate arrangements and twee-leaning inclinations. 6f6ddb31bf